WHC 1246

Отдельностоящая стиральная машина

  • AutoSensor


  • Delayed start (24h)

    Delayed start (24h)

  • Reduce Time

    Reduce Time



Independent washing temperature control : 20/30/40/60/90 Spinning control: 600/800/1000/1200 ChildLock
Pause Shorten the time AutoSensor
Sound signal Rapid wash Pre-wash programme
Quick access Replaceable bearings and renewable heater Replaceable heater
Porthole diameter: 31 cm Display: LED display Door diameter: 48 cm
Extra rinsing Display: Red display color Delayed start (24h) Panel - language version - russian text Load type - front Door opening angle: 165˚
Controls electronic

Washing programmes

Rinse programme Jeans programme Towels programme
Drain programme Cotton programme Synthetics programme
Soaking Baby Comfort programme Delicate 30°C
Shirts programme Colours programme Hand wash programme
Wool 30°C Express

Technical data

Height 85 cm Width 59.5 cm Depth 49.5 cm
Washing machine capacity: Classic 7 kg Maximum spin speed 1200 rpm Energy efficiency class A+++
Annual energy consumption - washing 175 kWh Annual water consumption - washing 10000 l Max noise level of washing 59 dB
Spin efficiency B Energy consumption in reference programme 0.93 kWh Max noise level of spinning 76 dB
Consumption in program cotton 60°C with full load: water (l) / energy (kWh) 0.93/50 Water consumption in reference programme 50 l Consumption in program cotton 60°C with partial load: water (l) / energy (kWh) 0.8/42
Number of washing programmes 16 Consumption in program cotton 40°C with partial load: water (l) / energy (kWh) 0.51/42 Colour: White
Technical data Standard motor Washing efficiency A

AutoSensor AutoSensor

We do not want to choose between lower water usage and washing quality, do we? The water level sensor automatically adjusts the water intake to the selected programme and the type and size of the load. The volume of water used is just right to ensure the best cleaning results. The clothing is washed perfectly clean and we can enjoy savings because of it!

Delayed start (24h) Delayed start (24h)

Wet clothes shouldn't stay for long in a washing machine. If you know you're not going to be home when the machine ends its cycle, use the Delayed start (24h) function. With this function, you can delay the start of the cycle by up to 24 hours. Wash you clothes whenever it's convenient for you.

  • Reduce Time

    Reduce Time

    The laundry is only slightly stained and we want the machine to finish up quicker than normal. Let’s use the Reduce Time function. While the whole washing cycle is shorted (sometimes up to 1/3 of the normal time), the programme uses a volume of water which makes for quick washing with equally good cleaning results. What we get is more time for ourselves and lower electricity bills.

  • Extra Rinse

    Extra Rinse

    Residues of detergents on clean laundry can irritate the skin. The groups most prone to this are allergy sufferers and small children. Use Extra Rinse to prevent the problem: the feature runs more rinse steps for thorough removal detergent residues. This ensures protection even for the most sensitive skin.

  • Replaceable bearings and renewable heater

    Replaceable bearings and renewable heater

    If the bearings fail, we do not necessarily have to buy a new washing machine. They can be replaced on our own or we can have a service technician do this for us. Replaceable bearings mean a longer life of the washing machine and a smaller environmental footprint.

  • Replaceable heater

    Replaceable heater

    Not sure what to do when the washing machine fails? Do we worry that the repair will be expensive? If a water heater fails, we do not necessarily have to buy a new washing machine. The failed component can be easily replaced on our own or by a service technician. Let’s rest assured that the appliance will serve us for many years.

  • Quick access

    Quick access

    How many times have you forgotten to take the clothes from the washing machine and hang them out to dry? With Hansa washing machines, this problem will vanish. Just turn on the sound in the device settings, and the machine will inform you that the washing cycle is over. Practicality and convenience every day!

  • ChildLock


    Curious children can get up to up to mischief everywhere, even in the bathroom. Fortunately, Hansa washing machines can be easily protected from their carefree fun, by locking the function buttons. No need to worry about accidentally turning off or changing settings.

  • Energy efficiency class A+++

    Energy efficiency class A+++

    Imagine if our electricity bills were slashed by a large bottom figure. This can be done! A+++ energy-rated washing machines consume so little power that every fifth cycle is basically free. Let’s choose appliances which significantly relieve the home budget! Take back control over your savings!

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