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Built-in oven

  • Cool front 35°C

    Cool front 35°C

  • Telescopic guides Telescopic guides with 75% extension with STOP function

    Telescopic guides Telescopic guides with 75% extension with STOP function

  • Child Lock

    Child Lock

Built-in oven

    • Illuminated knobs
    • Even baking
  • Equipment

    • Cool front 35°C

      Does touching the door of a working oven mean you will burn your hands? Not with Hansa ovens, with the pane temperature never over 35°C! The appliances are equipped with a special ventilation channel system which, combined with the cooling fan, ensures a continuous flow of cool air between the door panes. The low temperature on the outer pane allows you to closely watch the meal, without any risk of burns!

    • CoolFront (3 panes)

      Surely, it must’ve happened that you or someone from your family or friends burnt their hands by accidentally touching the hot oven door. With an Hansa oven in your home, this won’t happen again. The oven door is equipped with 3 panes – the internal pane reflects the heat, preventing the external pane from getting too warm. Ensure kitchen safety for all members of your household.

    • Mirror glass
    • SteamCleaning

      With a special steam system, cleaning the oven won't be a burden anymore. The steam softens soiled surfaces and the cleaning process is limited to pouring 1 glass of water on a tray, turning the oven on at 50°C and leaving it for 30 minutes. The dirt softened by steam will be easily removed with the use of a sponge with water and some washing-up liquid. Grease spots and other soiled surfaces will disappear without the use of harmful chemicals.

    • Illuminated handle

      You care for your kitchen and want it to be arranged stylishly and functionally. Then Illuminated push-pull knobs will perfectly match your view of an ideal kitchen. Their red lighting turns on automatically when you move the knobs, so you can easily set the desired value, even with low lighting.

    • Telescopic guides Telescopic guides with 75% extension with STOP function: 1
    • Temperature probe

      You have surely had to cut or poke the meal many times to check whether it’s cooked well enough. With the Temperature probe, you don’t ever have to do that. Just place the probe in the meal, and set the desired temperature on the programmer. The Temperature probe is especially useful for cooking meat. There’s no risk of burning the food on the outside or undercooking it on the inside!

    • Soft Close & Open

      With this solution, suddenly opening the oven door or slamming it shut is no longer a problem! The hinges are equipped with special struts which cause the doors to automatically slow down before they are fully opened or closed. Soft Close & Open means convenience and safety for your kitchen.

    • Drying shelf
    • Recipes on the door
    • Easy-cleaning door system

      You know how difficult it is to clean the oven door and panes, and especially their edges and corners. The doors in Hansa ovens are equipped with special hinges that allow quick and easy removal. With the clips, you can remove the doors, and clean them safely. After removing the door, you gain better access to the inside of the oven, and you can clean it easily.

    • Defrosting

      You’re craving some tasty meatballs. But first, you have to defrost them. No problem! Put them in the oven and activate the Defrosting function. The meatballs will be ready in an instant, and you can savour their delectable taste.

    • Tray surface: Non-stick, Procook
    • Child Lock

      Prevents children from turning on the appliance, which means you and your family can avoid burns. The ChildLock also prevents children from changing the settings while the appliance is in use.

    • SoftLight
    • Type of front 3-glazed door
    • Type of trays: flat tray, deep tray
    • Tty programmer - Intuitive Timer
    • Standard lighting
    • Side racks
    • EasyClean enamel
  • Technical data

    • Height 59.5 cm
    • Width 59.5 cm
    • Depth 57.5 cm
    • Oven capacity 65 l
    • Top heater 900 W
    • Bottom heater 1100 W
    • Total power 3.1 kW
    • Energy consumption for conventional mode 0.99 kWh
    • Energy consumption for fan-forced mode 0.87 kWh
    • Colour Black
    • Energy class A
    • Niche height 59.5 cm
    • Niche width 56 cm
    • Niche depth 56 cm
    • Cavity colour: Grey
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