Clothes that smell fresh


Clean as a whistle – this is what clothes should be like after taking them out of your washing machine. Hansas' solutions ensure the best washing results possible.

Aqua Stream

Aqua Stream

This recirculates water with detergent for improved washing effectiveness and reduced consumption of electricity. This solution ensures uniform distribution of detergent and so helps wash thoroughly, even with the most stubborn of stains.

Aqua Ball effect

Aqua Ball effect

A new design by Hansa makes it possible to use up to 100% of the detergent, unlike in traditional appliances where as much as 30% of it is wasted.


Hansa washing machines offer many innovative functions to make washing more relaxed, simpler and perfectly in line with your needs.

Start delay: 24 h

Start delay: 24 h

This function means that you can start your machine at any time of the day – with a delay of up to 24 hours. As a result, the washing machine can run when there is nobody home, or at night to suit a more favourable electricity tariff.

Reduce time

Reduce time

This allows you to reduce the washing time without compromising its quality. After selecting a programme, all you need to do is press “Reduce time” and the washing machine will optimise the washing time. This saves you time, energy and water.

Programmes aligned to your needs

Programmes aligned to your needs

Our washing machines feature various programmes, including anti-allergy and night programmes. The Favourite – user programme function enables you to save the most frequently used settings, making them readily available.


When designing Hansa washing machines, we focus on delivering functionality as much as quiet and reliable operation.

Logic Drive Motor

Logic Drive Motor

State-of-the-art technology used to provide increased operating efficiency. Owing to the innovative solutions, the lifetime of the motor is extended and the machine operates more quietly.


Hansa washing machines with the highest energy efficiency rating let you save water and electricity to cut your electricity bills significantly.

A+++ energy rating

A+++ energy rating

Electricity consumption savings of a class A+++ washing machine compared to an A+ rated machine come to 60 kWh. These savings are equivalent to:

  • 2 years of vacuum-cleaning

    2 years of vacuum-cleaning

  • 470 water boils

    470 water boils

  • 75 wash cycles

    75 wash cycles

Washers and dryers

Clean and fragrant laundry

Energy efficiency rating A+++
  • Child Lock

    This function is especially useful for families with children. It protects against children's natural curiosity and makes it impossible to start the appliance by accident. Pressing two buttons simultaneously is all it takes to activate the blockade.

  • Start delay 24 h

    You can delay the start of the wash programme by up to 24 hours.

  • Sound signal

    Washer confirms with the sound selection of additional functions and completion of the wash, which allow You finally take care of other duties not waiting in front of a washing machine for the end of the process.

  • Auto Sensor

    You can save water and energy because the washing machine automatically matches the level of water and energy required to the weight and type of the wash load. You no longer need to guess how heavy your wash load is and how long the cycle should be.

  • Quick access

    Electromagnetic window lock allows You to instantly open the door when washing. You can add clothes to the machine at any time during the cycle. The function guarantees safety - washing machine will not unlock the door at high water or high temperature inside the drum.

  • Automatic balance system

    Your washing machine will stay where you placed it as before the spin cycle starts the wash load is evenly distributed.

  • Logic Drive motor

    Brushless motor operates quietly, economically and faultlessly.

  • Replaceable bearings and heater

    This function reduces wash cycle time, while retaining top quality wash. You save time, energy and water. Thanks to the special fixing system, you can easily replace the heater.

  • LCD display

    A modern control panel greatly facilitates use of the washing machine.

  • Pearl Drum

    Washing any material is now delicate and more effective thanks to a new technological solution - Pearl Drum. This new drum surface keeps your clothes in mint condition for longer.

  • Aqua Ball effect

    Aqua Ball increases washing efficiency thanks to 100% use of the cleaning agent. In standard washing machines, around 30% of the detergent settles in the pan drain hose right at the start of the cycle. Only 70% of the cleaning agent is effectively used. Our washing machines have been fitted with the Aqua Ball valve

  • Aqua Stop

    The Aqua Stop system is an automatic protection tool to cut off water supply at the tap. It prevents water from leaking outside the appliance (if an internal water system breaks down) and the connection plug, hence preventing damage at home.